Introduction to Gaucho BBQ Grills
Gaucho Commercial Argentinean Style Two Tier Adjustable Height Wood Fire Parilla Grill
Gaucho Wood Fire BBQ Grills
Gaucho is Argentinian for "Cowboy". Our BBQ Grills are designed following the Argentinian style parrilla grills. This traditional cooking method uses wood and charcoal fuel over a brick lined firebox with an adjustable height grill that provides temperature control.
Two Tier Grill
Gaucho BBQ Grills Two Tier Grill Module
Two Tier Adjustable Height Grill
To provide temperature control, the Gaucho BBQ Grill is equipped with a two tier adjustable height grill. Both grills are made of 304 stainless steel and have a crank handle and locking system that enable the grill height to be adjusted up or down.

The upper grill functions as a warming rack but can also be used as a first stage primary grill by removing the lower grill pieces and lowering both the grills to their lowest position.
Grill Locking System
Gaucho BBQ Grills Ratchet and Pawl Grill Tier Locking System
Ratchet Grill Locking System
All Gaucho BBQ Grills come equipped with a heavy duty ratchet and pawl locking system. This system allows the grill to be lifted easily with one hand and the ratchet retains the grill at the desired height. To lower the grill simply lift the handle of the pawl which releases the ratchet and allows the grill to descend.
Modular Design
Gaucho Commercial Argentinean Style Two Tier Adjustable Height Wood Fire Parilla Grill - Fuel Loading Doors
Modular 3 Piece Design
Perhaps the most unique feature of the Gaucho Wood Fire Grill is its modular design, consisting of three interconnected components: the upper grill mechanism, the insulated fire box and the heavy duty trolley.

This means that the grill is suitable for three distinct applications. In cases where there is already a firebox, then only the upper grill mechanism is required. In cases where the grill will be recessed into a bench top, then the firebox and upper grill mechanism drop neatly into an 80cm x 50cm hole in the stone bench top. In cases where the grill needs to be free standing, then the trolley, firebox and upper grill mechanism form a complete, integrated, mobile system.
Lower Grill
Gaucho Commercial Argentinean Style Wood Fire Parilla Grill - Anti-flare, Inclined Grill
Anti-flare, Inclined V-Grill
The lower grill is made from thick, folded stainless steel. The V shape channel catches meat juices and stops them dripping onto the hot coals, dramatically reducing fat flares.

The grill is inclined gently towards the front of the unit to a light weight, deep dish removable drip tray.
The lower grill is also made of three separate grill sections seated next to each other in the grill frame. These sections lift straight out of the frame for cleaning and are small enough to fit in a dishwasher.
Upper Grill
Gaucho Commercial Argentinean Style Wood Fire Parilla Grill - Stainless Steel Upper Grill
Stainless Steel Upper Grill
The Upper grill is by no means an after-thought on the Gaucho. Made from heavy duty stainless steel rod, it functions both as a warming rack and as a low-slow grill. Using the upper grill first means that the cooked food can then be elevated to keep the food warm and make way for the second cooking session, without having to move items one at a time.
Insulated Firebox
Gaucho Commercial Argentinean Style Two Tier Adjustable Height Wood Fire Parilla Grill - Insulated Firebox
Brick Insulated Firebox
The heavy duty firebox is insulated with firebricks throughout that minimise heat leakage from the base of the grill, reduce the outside temperature of the BBQ, contain and reflect the heat to where it is needed most, giving you maximum heat intensity under the grill and cooler, safer external surfaces.

Two insulated sliding doors at the front of the firebox provide access for replenishing wood fuel and ventilation control.
Heavy Duty Trolley
Gaucho BBQ Grills Heavy Duty Trolley
Heavy Duty Trolley
The extremely sturdy heavy duty trolley is made from 304 stainless square tube steel with heavy duty locking castor wheels that make the grill easy to move when you want it to and impossible to move when you don’t.

A stainless steel lower shelf provides storage and adds rigidity to the construction.
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Gaucho BBQ Grills represent a return to traditional barbecuing methods that utilise charcoal and wood to produce superior smoke-infused flavours. The Argentinian parilla is a South American style grill typically used with leaner, grass fed beef that requires slower cooking. However, the flexibility of the adjustable grill means the parilla can also be used for quickly searing juicy grain fed beef cuts.

The challenge with wood and charcoal fired BBQs was always controlling the heat. Our Argentinian parilla style grills utilise a cable and winch style system that allows the grill to be raised or lowered to adjust the heat intensity as required. The two tier grill also provides lots of flexibility and both of the grill tiers operate independently.

With its unique, modular design, the Gaucho wood fire BBQ Grill can be configured for three applications:

  1. Upper Grill Mechanism Only – bolt the two tier adjustable grill over your own fire pit.
  2. Firebox / Grill Combination – drop the firebox into your own stone bench top. Just make a hole 80cm x 50cm and the firebox drops straight in.
  3. Complete Mobile System – take the two tier adjustable grill assembly, insulated firebox and heavy duty trolley for maximum mobility.
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